Agriculture Specific Services

While we don’t technically “farm”, the vast majority of our team grew up on or has worked on a farm. In fact, our roots go deep into farming which means that we aren’t leaving the area anytime soon. We’ll be around, continuing to work with you for years to come. We understand mainlines, ponds, irrigation systems, stack yards, service roads, wire plowing, farm labor housing, circle track ruts and more. We understand your deadlines and how work must be completed within certain windows of opportunity. We understand that off seasons and crop rotations are ideal times for us to work in your field. We guarantee that you won’t have to explain that you live on a farm located outside of the Pasco city limits. We’ll know where you are and more likely than not, we’ll have completed work in your field or your neighbor’s field.



The value of a well-designed and maintained irrigation pond cannot be overstated. Early on, we realized that irrigation ponds are more complex than you might think and that success is often determined by the quality of planning before one bucket of dirt is ever turned. Because we want success every time, we include evaluation and pond design review with every pond we build. We have dedicated a complete section to ponds. 


C&E is experienced at leveling ground and fields to meet your purpose. Falling hay stacks, rotten bales, ruts and potholes can be eliminated with the correct drainage and leveling. Let the experts do the work. We level:


We install all types of irrigation systems and infrastructure. We install circles, mainlines and irrigation solutions for orchards and vineyards. We do complete installs and partial installs depending on your specific circumstances. 

Service Roads and Gravel Drives:

A farmer can normally get from point A to point B; however, getting there without having to use 4-wheel drive is always a bonus. We can create service roads and drives that everyone can enjoy. We:

  • Build and maintain roads
  • Create access roads
  • Create equipment and stack yards
  • Create and maintain parking areas
  • Create and gravel existing driveways



C&E will trench any custom size for your project. We can trench from 6 inches to 5 feet. We have a Ditch-witch Trencher as well as backhoes and excavators for any type of project. Learn more details about trenching and wire plowing.

Other Project Types:

In addition to the typical ag related services we provide, we also do different more specialized projects such as:

  • Orchard removal – clean and clear brush and tree debris
  • Circle track sand – delivered per your specification
  • Farm labor housing  – assist with foundations, excavating, leveling, and septic systems


We do more than what’s listed here… Just contact us with your unique project and let us prove that we can do the job.

Office: (509) 545-6940