Frequently asked Questions

What payment types do you accept? 

We accept cash, check, Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover.  We would also consider letting you do the dishes! (Just kidding!)

Do you do excavation for houses? 

Generally speaking, no.  If your project requires a large amount of dirt moving such as a basement or a larger than normal driveway, we would be interested in talking to you to see if we are a good fit.

What area do you service? 

We actively search out work in about a 1 hour radius from Pasco.  It is very important to us that our team be able to be home most nights with their families.  On occasion, for a long-term customer or for one of our specialized services, we will go beyond this radius.  An example would be to install a perimeter wire for a center pivot irrigation system.

Are you hiring? 

One of our core beliefs is that work finds people that have these traits:  A great attitude, a team spirit, teachable, willingness to help people, and enjoyment of working productively.  We are always looking for these kinds of people, so if you believe that you are one of them and would like to be considered to join our team, please click here and send us your info. We would be delighted to meet you.

Do you pump septic tanks? 

No, we would refer you to Ace’s Portable Toilet or Rays Twilight.

My septic alarm is going off or isn’t working right. Can you come take a look at it? 

C&E isn’t a septic service company and most issues with alarms that are functioning incorrectly require an electrician to repair.   That being said, here are some things you can check.

  • Remove the lid from the riser and check the actual level in the tank.
  • If your level is too high, you can try running the pump on manual to see if it comes on and pumps down the level.  If it does, most likely you have a float or panel issue and you need to call an electrician.
  • If the pump doesn’t work then you may have a bad pump or connection. Again, call an electrician.
  • On a new system, often times a low-level alarm will sound until enough water is used to fill the pump chamber. If this is the case, use a hose and fill the pump chamber until the alarm goes off. Don’t turn off the system! This can turn out very bad!

Can I get a ball park quote on a septic and drain field? 

Sure! We will need to know how many bedrooms your house will be, the area it is in and what type of system will be required for the lot (ie gravity, pressure distribution, engineered or mound). With that information, we can give you a ball park quote. Just remember that ball parks are big so it won’t be 100% accurate!

I have a leak! Do you repair residential sprinkler or irrigation lines? 

For this service we would refer you to a landscaping company.

Our drain field is leaking. Do you do that type of repair work? 

Once you get a repair permit from the health department, we can jump in and give you a quote to fix it.  

I am going from septic system at my home to city sewer hook-up. Can you help me with that? 

Yes! Please call us or send a quote request to our estimating team.

Can you help me remove some trees at my home or orchard? 

We do, on occasion, remove orchards of large size. For residential tree removal, please call a tree company like Superior Tree.

I need to tear down my old house to rebuild a new one.  Do you do that type of demo work? 

C&E does do demo work on a case by case basis. Feel free to send us a request for a quote or give us a call to see if we are a good fit for your project.

Why does C&E not deliver rock anymore? 

Aaron Deaton grew C&E’s rock delivery business and equipment trucking to the point we thought C&E Trenching as a name didn’t make sense anymore. We started another company called Anchor Hauling in September of 2016.  Unfortunately, we lost Aaron to cancer in April of 2017, but the company he helped to start has continued and C&E refers all of its hauling customers to Anchor.