Industrial Contracting

C&E will jump in to help you on a ground-up project or to make improvements to your existing plant or warehouse.

Industrial Contracting

If you work in an industrial plant environment, no matter if it is a food processing plant, a fertilizer plant, or a chemical plant you have unique challenges to face. While you don’t have the luxury of a municipality budget, you still are held under a microscope to comply with your industry’s best practices and regulations, follow government red tape, and still be constantly looking for ways to be more productive. The last thing you need is a contracting company on your site that doesn’t understand your special needs.

C&E has completed many jobs in operating plants, such as food processing, chemical plants and fertilizer plants, which gives us a solid experience you can count on. Our crews also bring a special mix of other experience gained from working with municipalities and farmers, giving us an appreciation for safety, longevity and ingenuity that quite simply enhances our value to you. We have a solid understanding of the need for good budgets, deadlines, safety concerns, and a well-managed and documented project from budget to final review.

All of us here at C&E look forward to the opportunity to work with you on your next project.

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Frequent Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions we receive. If you have a more questions, see all frequent questions we have below, or contact us.

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Are you hiring?

One of our core beliefs is that work finds people that have these traits:  A great attitude, a team spirit, teachable, willingness to help people, and enjoyment of working productively.  We are always looking for these kinds of people, so if you believe that you are one of them and would like to be considered to join our team, please click here and send us your info. We would be delighted to meet you.

Do you do excavation for houses?

Generally speaking, no.  If your project requires a large amount of dirt moving such as a basement or a larger than normal driveway, we would be interested in talking to you to see if we are a good fit.

Can I get a ball park quote on a septic and drain field?

Sure! We will need to know how many bedrooms your house will be, the area it is in and what type of system will be required for the lot (ie gravity, pressure distribution, engineered or mound). With that information, we can give you a ball park quote. Just remember that ball parks are big so it won’t be 100% accurate!

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