Welcoming Britton to the C&E Team!

C&E Team

Britton does a lot of the estimating on C&E’s projects. He is continually looking over new projects and tallying numbers.

New in Town and Part of the Crew.

His off-work hours have been filled with many new things as well. Britton & Richae recently tied the knot and moved back to the Tri-Cities after spending several years in Bellingham obtaining Richae’s special education teaching degree.

In December, the two welcomed their first child, Irina.
Together, they are putting the finishing touches on a fixer-upper house in hopes of purchasing a new, larger home for their family.

A Little More About Britton

Hiking and fishing in remote areas beside quiet lakes are a favorite for Britton and will resume after the house projects are finished.

We’ve got him drinking coffee, even though he said he’d never drink the stuff. He’s officially joined the coffee club.

When asked about a mentor in his life, he tells us, “About five years ago when I previously worked for C&E, I really appreciated Cwentin, a fellow C&E team member. Cwentin taught me to look for ways to be more efficient and to be better every day. He led by example and showed me what a team 100% focused on their work can accomplish. He just helped set me in the right direction.”

Britton appreciates dependable co-workers; folks who you can rely on.

Welcome back to the team, Britton. We appreciate you!

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