Site Work


Whether you’re preparing for a stack yard, parking area or large commercial business, C&E is prepared and qualified to do the job.

Evaluation to Installation

Every job, no matter the size, begins the same, with a complete evaluation. We determine what needs to be done and what is the best approach. We will transform your land by removing any existing structures, brush, trash, or unlevel areas in order to give you the foundation needed to finish the final project.

After clearing the lot and removing any debris, we perform a rough grade establishing the correct slope to ensure correct drainage. A properly installed and maintained drainage system can effectively deal with both surface and subsurface drainage water. Now, we begin trenching and installing infrastructure. We install water mains, sewer mains, storm drains, private fire service mains (we are licensed at Level U), and other excavating work based on plan specifications. After all underground utilities are installed, we perform a fine grade of the entire area.

We do all the earthwork and utility installation to make sure the area is ready for the next step of gravel, pavement, or a building structure. We can prepare the lot for asphalt, concrete, or slabs. We can place rock for under the asphalt and also take care of completing the asphalt with your asphalt contractor, including painted parking lines. Our crews can also prep the site before concrete is poured. When buildings are being constructed, we are prepared and qualified to excavate foundations for any buildings according to plans. We also can prepare your ground for slab-on-grade.

We are here to get the job finished the right way, starting from the ground!