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Trenching was the first service we offered when C&E began back in 1994. We began trenching primarily for the agriculture industry. We were farmers and knew what farmers needed. Because we understand your needs, our business has expanded to many different types of services that keep us heavily focused on serving our local farmers. Our trenching capability is extensive! We offer many different sizes of trenching widths from 6 inches to 5 feet! This flexibility means minimum impact on your ground area, which means less of your crops are damaged. When we only trench out what is necessary, we are able to get in and quickly complete your project, allowing you to get back farming sooner.

We trench all widths from 6″ to 5′.


C&E can do all phases of your irrigation project. We work with all the different contractors so that you only have to work with one! For irrigation projects, we trench and install main lines, irrigation pipes and sprinkler systems for orchards and vineyards. We install water mains and pressure mains. We routinely work with our local irrigation businesses to facilitate circle installations. Together we make sure projects are installed correctly and timely. We install ponds and pumping stations for each customer’s unique situation.

Wire/Cable Plowing

When only a small wire is needed in the ground, many times we will use our wire plowing machine rather than dig a trench. Wire plowing works great where ground water is a concern. Wire plowing also ensures that your wire is accurately placed. This machine is able to quickly and efficiently plow in electric wire for swing span corner wire. We also set up and install the wire for center pivots. We plow in many types of utility wire including cable, electric, communication and phone. We also plow in pipe when the job requires.

Drains, Wastewater, Sewer

C&E Trenching can install anything underground. We take care of evaluating and suggesting solutions for proper drainage, wastewater ponds, sewer drain fields and septic systems. We are licensed to install and repair septic systems in Benton and Franklin Counties. When the underground work is completed correctly, it provides a strong foundation for everything that takes place above ground. We install large commercial on-site septic systems and force sewer main lines.