Our Story.

Back in Franklin County, Kansas...

Jake Wray, Everett Wray and Curtis Wray standing “Grandpa” sitting.

You might say our story started 1,800 miles away in Franklin County, Kansas, and years ago when Grandpa bought his first backhoe. Curtis was born soon after and grew up around excavating equipment. Like many young boys, he loved to see dirt move. In 1985, Curtis and Jake’s family moved from Franklin County, Kansas to Franklin County, Washington, and Grandpa followed in 2004. Grandpa is gone now, but his legacy lives on through C&E which was started by Everett Wray (Grandpa’s son) and Curtis Wray (Grandson).

C&E was formed in 1994 and started providing trenching for mostly the Ag industry. In 1997, C&E became licensed to install septic systems in Benton and Franklin Counties. From that time, C&E has expanded into our a full service excavating contractor.

The Crew:

Today the C&E team ranks at the top of the class in our opinion!  Besides being hard working and extremely dedicated, they are just a fun group of people to work with!  We may be biased but we think you will enjoy working with them as well.